“I’m the CEO of VoodooPC, we make extremely high-performance PCs, both laptops and desktops, and now we ship them world-wide. Back in 1999, we basically did the unthinkable, which was making the most exotic, high-end, desirable PC product while other manufacturers were just mass-producing toaster type PCs. Our computers are basically the Ferraris of the PC world.

My brother started VoodooPC about 14 years ago. All his life he’s had a passion for high performance technologies. I remember when we were growing up, we’d always find him constantly blowing up electronic gadgets or some of our appliances in the garage.

Ounce per ounce, processed silicon which is used in semiconductors is more valuable than gold.

When my brother started VoodooPC, he always wanted to be different. So while every other company was calling themselves Data PC, he called himself Voodoo, because he felt there was a bit of magic to what he was doing with every single one of his machines.

My brother started the company on a MasterCard. He took a loan for $15,000 and it grew. To date, VoodooPC is nearing 10 million dollars in revenue a year. We produce over 150 custom machines every month.

Sony PlayStation 2 has more computer power than NASA had for its moon landings.

The internet has been awesome for VoodooPC because it has enabled Voodoo to reach a broader market globally, as opposed to just geographically in Calgary, Alberta. Our website receives over a quarter million individual sessions per month.

Over 90% of our customers hear about us from either a major review that they read, or a testimonial from one of their friends who actually are a current VoodooPC owner.

Voodoo’s ranked very high in terms of service. That’s according to independent sites like resellerratings.com, where these sites will gauge us with every other PC maker out there, and currently Voodoo ranks highest among all the PC makers, and theirs a reason for that.”