“I'm the owner of Cisolift, a business that buys used hydraulic lifts and platforms from all over North America, that we refurbish, rebuild, re-paint, and re-sell. We've been in business for three years, and our development has been phenomenal.

The services we offer are sales of the equipment we buy from our clients, but also from other sources, but these machines are often outdates. They don't have the safety certification required by the Canadian Standards Association. So what we do is we refurbish them. We don't make them as good as new, but we put them in good condition, so the safety mechanisms are functioning.

The first scissors in the shape of a "U" date back to Europe in approximately 500 BC.

When I started the business, I had an apartment, and I thought, "I can't start this kind of business out of my apartment," and I didn't have the money to rent a location. So I decided to buy a house with a big enough yard. Taking that route, I had to work on consignment because the average machine costs $10,000.

Then several businesses trusted me enough to send over a couple of machines. The business grew pretty quickly,
and I found our current location, and this is where the business really expanded.

The first bearings were manufactured of Lignum Vitae, a very heavy, hard, naturally oily wood native to Central America and the West Indies.

I started this company with $10,000 in my pocket. Since it was a consignment business,
I didn't need much credit. I went to the bank. That's where I started financing the business
and opened a bank account, though I only started with a $20,000 line of credit.

Today we have annual sales of about $2,400,000. And we sell about 200 machines - that's platforms, scissor lifts, boom lifts - every year.Certainly, the big challenge is to have a big inventory because 30 machines isn't a big deal. Our suppliers help a lot because they're very fast, but the key is to have a big inventory.”