“I'm the co-founder of Passion Inc. with my brother Mark. We specialize in the youth market and we build multi-application systems for school boards. Today our headquarters are based out of Toronto, Canada, and we're the market leaders in our industry.

In 1998, there were no websites that students could visit to look for jobs, and you'd look in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and there were only jobs for people with 3-5 years experience. And we had the idea: what about a magazine that could help students find jobs. Four months later, we launched Job Postings, from the idea to the issue on university and college campuses. At one point we had 8 other magazines in the marketplace. Today there's only two left, and we're one of them.

Canadian women work over half an hour more every day than men - 8.9 hours versus 8.3 hours.

Jobpostings.ca is one of Canada's largest student job sites. It complements the magazine.
We're getting over 50,000 students a month coming to our site to look for jobs.

The attributes that make job postings magazine unique is we're currently the only magazine on campus that's audited by a third party. That's important to our customers because then they know for sure how many magazines were printed. So instead of me saying "I am printing X thousand." We got someone else proving it for us, and that's important to an advertiser.

If you arrive more than five minutes early for an interview you will appear to be too eager and amateurish.

When we started the company there wasn't, in our opinion, any effective ways for companies to reach students on campus. So we had the idea: what about a calendar that could help companies reach the student market. So we designed a product that was dry erase, double-sided full-colour calendar that was extremely functional. We customized every calendar to the school and either gave them a box where they could put their own phone numbers in, or we put them in for them, and that was our formula.”