“I'm the owner of The Board Shop. I started when I was 17. We deal with skateboards and repairs, shoes, body jewelry and there is tons that we offer for service, anything you can think of that deals with a skateboard.

The longest distance jumped on a skateboard is 79 feet.

I’ve been a skateboarder for about 9 years, and I’ve wanted to open a store since I was 14 years old. I started in a two car garage with a budget of $2,200. It was just my Mom’s credit card. It took me five days to pay off my initial investment into the company. And I owe that all to the people who came in and shopped at my garage.

When we first started out, we had to actually go out of country to get supplies. As Canadian suppliers work, they only supply so much goods to one region, and a town that's only 14 000 people with two stores carrying skateboarding merchandise already, and me having a home based business - I couldn't get anything in Canada. So I went down to the states, had no problems and found a supplier right away. Then we got six or seven more companies and now we carry boat loads of stuff. But to ship things in from the US, if you buy stock for say $3,200, you're looking at $600 just for the shipping.

Skateboarding pro's can earn $1,000 - $10,000 US a month, based on their winnings.

We used to just deal with guys' clothing. Now more or less we've got lots of girls coming in, we even had three girls start skateboarding this year. So girls' clothing is going to be half our store come springtime.

Our gift registry program came to us from a parent that says, you know, my kid's a skateboarder and I just can't shop for him whatsoever, could you help me out? Well we've got this gift registry program coming up, so I think you'll be okay.”