“I'm president of EB Engineering Ltd. We design and manufacture the SunBeacon brand of Solar LED lighting systems. Started out 7 years ago as a home based business and now we're really taking off, we're selling all around the globe.

We've sold lights everywhere from lighthouses, fish farms, Coast Guards, Air Force, Navies, and what's unique is every time, it's the same light, just a different market.

LED lights use 1/10 the amount of power or incandescent bulbs.

The biggest benefit with the LED technology is that is very, very, very low energy for the amount of light you get. Where as incandescent bulbs produce mainly heat and just a little bit of light. The LED produces mostly light and very little heat.

When we originally started we wanted to use off the shelf parts cause we didn't want to have the overhead costs of developing moulds, but we very soon realized that a lot of
these parts weren't optimized for the LED technology that we were using. And eventually what will happen is we'll be relying less and less on off the shelf parts, and have all of the parts molded to our specs.

LED's are typically rated to last 100,000 hours.

Early on we decided we didn't have enough money to be actually marketing in all areas of the globe, so we decided to create a distribution network and go from there. So we started looking on the internet for different companies that provided products and other things that our lights would go with.

In the aqua-culture industry we looked for people that sell nets or buoys. They already have a cliental, and now they have another product they can sell. A lot of our new customers come though out distributor or magazine articles, trade shows, and the internet.”