“I’m the president and technical director of AeroStyle airsports Inc. We are a paragliding and snow-kite school, and a distributor of paragliding products.

I love paragliding so much, and I really want it to become more popular. Sometimes I even say “it’s crazy that this person doesn’t want to go paragliding,” and I try to do everything I can to convince them.

Mont Sainte-Anne is the mountain that offers the best opportunity for a paragliding school. When I saw this mountain with a ski lift that operates year-round, with a relative elevation of 2000 feet, and practically 360 degrees of take-off area, it was love at first sight.

More than 50% of paragliding records have been set in South Africa.

We have the paragliding instruction side of the business. That includes all the training students need to become paragliding pilots. We have the snow-kite side of the business, which is a type of kite-surfing on snow.

We also have the recreation side in which we offer tandem flights to tourists. These flights are with instructors. There is no experience required for customers.

Our target market is twenty-year-olds up to people in their sixties. We have couples that want to come flying, and bring their kids. We’ve had children as young as three years old. It varies, but the majority of our clients, specifically in the paragliding classes, are between 30 and 40 years old. Sometimes a bit younger, sometimes a bit older.

Three quarters of the animals on Earth can fly.

Of course I would like the business to develop further. If it allows me to hire more instructors, and these instructors are able to make a full-time living paragliding because of my business, it would be gratifying for them and for me too. It would be my greatest reward. I don’t have unrealistic ambitions, I just want to live a good life and work in the field that makes me happiest.”