“I am the president of Groupe Synergy Composites. We specialize in truck bodies for utility trucks. Our market is the East coast of Canada, including Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, and we have a foothold in New England in the US. We manufacture two million truck body composites each year.

We use the RTM procedure, which is a composite injection procedure. It’s a very environmentally friendly process. There are almost no styrene emissions involved. There is almost no odor in the factory, in the village, or in the neighbourhood. It allows my employees to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s an extremely clean procedure, and it’s known for its superior mechanical properties and a finished surface.

Fiberglass is made of materials such as sand and recycled bottles. The ingredients are melted and spun to create "glass wool".

We also work with thermoplastics with the Canadian Research Institute in order to not only stay in our current position, but we want to be the leaders in the field, not only of composites but of all truck bodies. We want to improve our truck bodies and create new and creative designs to keep ahead of the competition.

When we started the business, we made all of our contacts directs. I would personally go and meet with clients. Today, we are in the process of getting distributors around the United States We’re also expanding our market to the west of Canada, so we’re making contact with distributors who will help sell our fleet of trucks.

I don’t have any employees here - they’re all colleagues. Their jobs are just as important as mine. We also rotate positions in order to avoid any work-related illness, and that makes work less monotonous, and develops each worker’s versatility. I share 10% of the profits with the workers, and since we share the earnings just before Christmas, everyone has a good Christmas break and comes back happy in January.”

Fiberglass was invented in 1938 and is now the most widely used home insulator.