“I'm the owner of Cold Surf Co., we manufacture surf accessories. We're based in Tofino on the west coast where we water test our gear daily and we've been in business for just under a year now.

The average surfboard in the early 60’s weighed 110 pounds.

The first time that I thought about starting a surf business was a couple years ago.
I was working in landscaping during the summer, and I had a lot of time to surf and hang out. That's when my husband Darcy and I were looking at leashes and he said: “Don't you think this is something you could make?” And from there it just kind of started.

Yeah, why not? I'd love to have my own business, I'd love to be my own boss, I want to make my own schedule, and what better than having a surf related business. Other people did it before, so just give it a try.

I think what we have going for us is just that we're sitting right in the middle of the number one surf destination in Canada, we're in Tofino, we're on the beach. We're constantly trying to improve the quality of the product. I get feedback from my friends.I have team riders that get free product, and they go and test it and give me feedback. A big part of the company here is that we're living the whole thing.
We test the product ourselves, pretty much daily. It's really made by surfers for surfers.
We know it works.

Fewer men have surfed waves over 50 feet than have traveled into space, climbed the highest mountains or explored the deepest seas.

Word of mouth is definitely a big part of the advertising for us. So going to the beach and just showing the stuff. There's so many people there and they see it and they're like:
“where did you get this board bag from?” Well I made it. "What, you make board bags? Well I want to get one!" That's how you kind of win customers.”