“I own a business called Eight at Eight Halifax. This is a home-based business, a dinner club for singles, for people to get out and socialize. I was first interested in being in business and then it was a matter of finding the business I was suited to, and when I read about these dinner clubs across the country, and I realized that I also was divorced and had a lot of empathy for single people, I felt that this would be a great service to offer in Halifax.

A lot of people ask us what Eight at Eight stands for, and we've set it up so 4 men and 4 women get out to dinner at 8:00 at night, and this way they have a group to sit with. And a lot of people who have home group parties, tend to have them in groups of eight.

27 % of Canadians are single.

You'd be very surprised at the need for this service out there nowadays. You think it's only for the lonely, well it's not. It's for people who have busy schedules, people in their 30's, once they're out of university they lose contact with a social life, divorce of course is a big factor, people who've lost their partners through unfortunate illness, and even people who are new to the city.

There are more than 700 online dating sites in North America.

This is a demand out there, just to have the ability to get out and meet new people.Our dinner events are held mostly on Friday and Saturday evenings. This seems to be a preference for people who've worked a long week, they want to have a little bit of down time, time to prepare to go out, so this is sort of the event for their week.”