“I operate Phantom Street Rods, I design and build custom cars. I’m building my first production car right now for a customer in Miami, Florida who had some very specific ideas as to what a street rod should be, and I spent the last year designing his car to his specifications.

The classic 1965 Ford Mustang took only eleven days to model, and from a side view is a scaled-down Continental Mark II.

I do like designing and creating, I started building model cars when I was five years old, and my father was right into cars, and that’s where I got it. And over the years, I just started taking it just one step farther at a time, until I got to the point to the point where I was designing complete cars.

Phantom is a body style that resembles the original but has been modified. For instance, in the case of my prototype, it’s a retractable hard top. Well that was never available from the factory. So while at a glance it looks like a ’34 Ford, it’s got a body that’s significantly different than the original.


The original bodies were great back in the 30s, but by today’s standards, they’re not terribly safe, so what I’ve done is designed a heavy duty structure, a tube steel framework, that surrounds the passenger compartment, extra heavy pillars to add a lot more strength to the car, rocker panels, door posts and all the structure of the car is all 1/8” steel plate, so what you’re dealing with is a car that’s an awful lot safer than it came from the factory.

Porsche is supposed to be pronounced "pour-sha" though most English speaking people refer to the luxury car brand as “porsh”.

There are a lot of companies around North America that manufacture street rods. Given that there’s so much competition out there, I thought it was time to come up with a new idea, something that wasn’t out there because you need some kind of a hook to sell your business. I thought a retractable hard top would be a great thing, so I set about the process of designing a body structure that would accommodate a hard top design.”