“I’m the owner/operator of Kismet Miniature Horses. We breed, raise and show miniature horses. I started out with 1 horse. Today I’ve got 10 little horses. I’m home-based, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

I looked for seven years before I finally found the little horse of my dreams, and that’s my little stallion. He was four months old when I bought him; he’s five years old now.

And we feel that with the quality that he is, the quality of our mares, we’re definitely going to have some really quality foals.

It took nearly 400 years to breed a miniature horse.

A miniature horse can be anywhere from 27, 28” up to 38”. Compared to a regular size horse, a miniature is relatively inexpensive to keep. A bale of hay a week, compared to a big horse that will eat 2 bales of hay a day.

Space, they definitely don’t require the space that a large horse requires. If you check into your bylaws, some of the towns actually don’t classify a miniature horse as livestock, which actually enables you to keep a miniature horse in some of the towns.

If you’re truly interested in one, we will offer time payments. Once you make your initial down payment on a horse, you can take the horse home.

I retain the registration papers until the horse is paid off.

I eventually want to get more horses, I’m hoping to be able to have horses that are trained for cart to sell, perhaps take them to the shows and advertise them at the shows, sell them either as the horse or sell the whole thing: horse, harness and cart.

There are over 300 different breeds of horses and ponies around the world.

Hopefully within the next couple of years we’ll get further out into the Maritimes. Maybe to the US.

It makes me really feel good. It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time, and I’m finally seeing it realized.”