“I’m the owner, operator and sole proprietor of French Connections in Port Alberni, BC.. There are two main parts to my business. One is I run a licensed family daycare. I offer before and after school care for children in grades one through seven, who are fluent in French. All services are done entirely in French. And the second half of my business is providing learning opportunities for preschoolers, also in French.

Parents who sign up their children with me will definitely see the benefits that I can provide. I offer so much more personal attention for each child. I have a much lower child to caregiver ratio than a daycare centre. I’m only allowed to have 7 children with me in a day, and that includes my own. All services in here are done entirely in French: I don’t speak any English with the children.

Approximately 75 million people speak French as their native language.

I’m trying to meet parents primarily at the schools when I’m dropping off children. I’ve sent flyers home with the students at the school itself, I have posters up at the school, I’ve been giving out my business cards, I have advertisements in the paper, but I think primarily my business will come down to word of mouth.

People who learn more than one language will also learn other topics faster.

I was able to meet all of my start up costs by dipping into my savings and basically just spending all my money to get it going. So I was lucky that way, I’m not starting off with a debt to anyone else with my business.

Revenue Canada has guidelines about how family daycares can claim for income tax purposes. So expenses that are shared between my business and the home, I can use it on a pro-rated deal. So if I say 8 hours a day is for business, I can take 8 hours a day of my electric and gas and claim it as a business expense on my tax return.”