“I have a stained-glass studio in Nelson, BC, and I do stained glass custom work, custom panels and doors, windows, as well as little jewelry boxes and sun catchers. I also do repairs on older panels.

I’ve always had a passion for stained glass. My family is in the door and window industry, so I’ve always been around stained glass, and I actually used to go to the church to look at the stained glass there.

Techniques of stained glass window construction have changed very little in 900 years.

I took a course a couple years ago here at the Kootenay School of Arts in Nelson, thinking I would be doing it as a hobby, and I liked it so much that I decided to make it a priority and open a business.

To establish an international clientele I decided to join eBay. It’s really good for bringing traffic to your website and getting people to know you and your product all over the world.

There’s people on the web all the time, selling and buying, and I thought it was a great way to do it, and eBay works really well. It works with feedback so if you’re a good seller you get good feedback, and if you’re a good buyer as well. So you can’t really go wrong. They actually have a medium that will take your money so you’re assured that you will get paid.

In Nelson, word of mouth is really big. That’s how I get most of my clients and it’s worked really well. If you offer the right product and a good service, then people will talk and that’s how you get good customers who come back. I also did some advertising in the paper and then I went to see door and window companies here and now I get a lot of jobs from them.”

The upper chapel in the Sainte-Chapelle, Paris is the most famous and elaborate of all cathedral glass works.