“I am the sole proprietor of ah! Communications which is a marketing firm that’s been in operation for two years. This is a one-stop business communications firm, so we offer everything from logo design to complete ad campaign services and even event planning.

The way this business started was kind of a matter of circumstances. I had left my job and decided to take a year off, and at one point my friend approached me and asked if I would be interested in designing a brochure for his firm, and I said sure. So we put a bid in and got the job.

While we were doing this project I realized that we needed to register the business and get a name. So it kind of happened, and after that project came another one and another one, and I’m now two years later and still going strong and very happy about it.

A prospective client should see your message at least 3 times for it to be effective.

I guess you could say that the company has taken on a life of its own. It’s grown quite a bit in the past two years, mostly word of mouth. The region is pretty small and I knew a lot of people when I started. I also did some advertising in the papers, but I think what really helped me was joining so many associations and networking.

I think one of the reasons my business works for me and my clients is because I stay true to myself. I don’t try to be somebody who I’m not, and I don’t do anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. When you’re not comfortable or you don’t love what you do, it shows.

I guess you could say I was lucky when I started the business. There was one very established graphic design firm in town, and then there were a few other firms that dealt with marketing, but I feel very strongly that my edge comes from being a one-stop shop.”

The world’s smallest ad was made for Guinness World Records. It was worn on the knee band of a bee and measured just 100 x 100 microns.