I’m the owner of MJAnne couture, which is a clothing company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. What convinced me that I could be a designer and actually sell clothes and be successful is probably after the first Fringe Festival. I sold out I think 50% in the first three days. And that for me, for a student that just started designing, it was the best feeling. So I thought that could be something I could build my life around and keep doing.

I design women’s clothing line. I have one line right now that I’m going to be distributing, it’s called a Hug Me line. In the Hug Me line I have the yoga collection, the woman’s collection, and then I have the maternity collection.

Most fashion businesses make their money from basics - not their high end collections.

I’m a strong believer in comfort and comfort is always in style. It’s the style that can be used in different scenarios.

You can use it either walking to a store, shopping in the store or even going clubbing. It’s very versatile.

A big surprise for me in this company is that I have to spend so much time in the management part, and I spend less time in the design part.

If I’m in the field of design I want to do that, but the key to success for a business is to know how to manage it properly.

Cotton farmers in the 30's lobbied against hemp farmers - one of the reasons marijuana is illegal today.

Some of my future plans are to distribute my line of clothing throughout Canada. I also think of expanding my lines, doing some new collections, even high end collections.

I personally don’t think I would have a store because I think I have enough going on right now. But it’d be great to see a MJAnne couture store somewhere.”