ROCKET FUEL FOR YOUR BIZ (30 second commercial) [.wmv]

The Homebiz.TV - Rocket Fuel for your Biz training course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial process through video, business case studies, print material, and quizzes.

The course is divided into eight modules, each focusing on a different aspect of running your own business. Each module features a video introduction, which provides an overview of the lesson and explanations of important concepts. The instructor leading the course will teach from the print materials provided in coordination with the video.

*Three-month course subscriptions will be available soon.

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Within each module there are also case studies, featuring actual business owners that share their entrepreneurial experience and give valuable advice on various topics. The case studies look at a cross-section of businesses from a wide range of industries, including service-based companies, retailers, and manufacturers. At the end of each module, there is a quiz and exercises to be completed relating to what was learned.

You will learn the fundamentals of starting and growing your own business, from the beginning stages of planning through to operations and finance. The course is filled with cutting-edge business concepts and frameworks, as well as issues relevant to the current business environment.

*Three-month course subscriptions will be available soon.


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