“I am co-owner of The Royz Band, with my husband André. We perform mostly for weddings and corporate events as a live band, trio all the way up to a 10 piece band, and we’ve been doing music together for 20 years and we are constantly expanding.

I had always been singing and I’d only ever thought of it as something I would do as a hobby, and André was convinced that we could earn a living doing music. He started performing and gradually I started to sing with him, and it just sort of grew from there, and just gradually added to our repertoire to the point now where we perform mostly for weddings and corporate events in the Toronto area.

Only one person in ten thousand has absolute pitch, which is the ability to recognize all musical notes heard.



Our working repertoire is always around 600 songs. People are always saying that they just can’t believe it’s the same band that was playing the elegant classical and jazz at the beginning of the night, and now totally rocking out on stage, so it’s great to be able to just bring everything, all of the experience and all of the hard work that we’ve done over the years and to be able to do bits and pieces of it all in one night, there’s just nothing better.

The guitar originally had three strings. Guitar comes from the Persian word ki-tar. Ki means three and tar means strings.

We have various different ways that clients hear about us. One is, of course, advertising. We do advertise in a couple of wedding magazines and in the yellow pages and that type of thing.

We also have a website. What’s great about it is that we’re able to have sound samples on the site. It’s great because it allows a client to get an idea of what we’re about before they pick up the phone and have that initial conversation with us.”