“I'm the sole proprietor and unique employee of Le crieur, which is a town crier service.
A town crier is sort of a master of ceremony, a décor and an orchestra all rolled into one.

The town crier is an ambassador, he's a Master of Ceremonies. We have town criers that are police officers, that are military personnel, that are mayors, but I wanted my town crier to be more theatrical. I also saw that if you developed the services that you offered the client, then you have more possibilities, so I started being an MC, I started being a toastmaster, I started doing background research historically speaking, and all those things appealed to the customers.

The first town criers were the Spartan Runners in the early Greek Empire.

Right now I'm one of the 3 busiest town criers in the world. I've been doing this for 25 years, so I'm the 2nd senior town crier in North America.

I've had the chance and privilege of presenting people like the pope, the queen, Mr. Gorbachev, every prime minister since Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I'll open festivals, special events, restaurants, stores. I also do love proclamations, passion proclamations. I even do wedding proposals, and at 110 decibels, when I propose, they listen.

I've won most elegant town crier in the world nine times, and I think that's what people say about me is that I try to add elegance to everything I do.

You know, when you do a cry, you're doing a cry for maybe 3-5 minutes but you're there for maybe 1-2 hours, so you're an ambassador, so you have to add dimensions to it. So I kiss hands, I'll tip the hat, and those are things that I research, that I look at.

We're in a world where elegance is lost unfortunately, where good manners are being lost, where we try as much as possible to avoid contact with people. I do the opposite completely. So I'm very theatrical, but I like to think I'm theatrical in a very elegant sense.”

The town crier was often rewarded for his services with a pair of shoes.