“I'm president of Ace Audio Tours And Talking Signs. We have really three areas of our business. First is the talking signs, and FM transmitters. They're basically an opportunity for tourist offices and businesses to get their message out to a local audience by way of using the radio in their vehicles.

The first radio show played Silent Night and read passages from the Bible on Christmas 1906.

The transmitter emits your message, and people drive up, tune in and hear the message coming from that particular business. The second part of our business is selling signs. Third part of our business is creating self-guided tours.

The interest in self-guided tours came from some family traveling we had done through my career, and we would often rent a motor home and go from place to place and look for self-guided tours, so I thought this would be a neat little occupation to have in retirement.

The talking sign is really a transmitter that's set up in a display home or a business site or a dealership. Once we get the transmitter set up and the message being played through the transmitter, then the next thing is to notify people passing by, and we do that by having exterior signage. It notifies the people then what station to tune into, so they would select that particular channel, and once you do that, the message plays continuously.

Some radio amateurs still use Morse Code for long distance communications.

The people who have these transmitters can get their message out 24 hours a day, rotating message, never miss a customer, and that's pretty difficult to compare to buying stronger medium advertising on TV or radio which is fairly costly.

So here they have their own transmitter, they have their own message, they're talking to a particular target group that's right on their doorstep, so they have a strong benefit here.”