“The Weekly Bean is an entertainment and community events paper. It got started 5 or 6 years ago in Kindersley, and we’ve expanded now and we’re in three other centres in the province of Saskatchewan. You’ll find the weekly bean in just about every business in the area.

Laughing during a meal reduces blood sugar level.

We have huge support, and in a community of 4,500 people, to have out of maybe 250 businesses in the community, to have 130 of them advertising with you at any one time, I feel very, very fortunate.

In the weekly bean you’re going to see top 10 lists, humorous top ten lists, you’re going to see trivia. a kids’ corner that we write and it focuses on kids’. We want kids to be able to read it, grandmas to be able to read it and offend no one and still have a good time and inform the public.

I’ve had lots of people come to me, “Harland, you need to be more newsy”. Well, I don’t think I do, I don’t want to tell the news, there’s lots of places to get the news…

What is successful to me is entertaining people, making them laugh. They read it, they tell the jokes, they yell at me down the street, “boy I enjoyed that joke that you had in that Bean last week”, so I know that it’s working.

Selling advertising, or selling anything, is more about relationships then content theirs so many ways that you can promote your business. My philosophy about that is I got to be the first guy in the door.

On average, magazine readers demonstrate twice the ad receptivity as the general population.

Where I feel the most comfortable is when I am out talking to business owners and I don’t mail out my invoices to my customers. I walk my invoices into every door, and I get a chance to ask them “are you happy with everything, is everything going okay?”