“My sister and I own sweet LeiLani cosmetics that retails in drugstores throughout BC and Alberta. 18 years ago I was trained in LA as a special effects makeup artist, beauty, TV and film. I am also a certified paramedical makeup artist and work closely with the Vancouver burn unit, with surgeons and dermatologists helping patients cover mild to severe skin conditions.

The company evolved from the Studio Cover Stick that we developed to cover burns and scars but because of the versatility of it we found that women wanted to use it for everyday under their eyes or over blemishes.

The Romans and ancient Egyptians used cosmetics containing Mercury.

Our complete line now includes lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, press powders and other make up. We only use the finest raw ingredients possible. We stay away from all the synthetic fillers, mineral oils and petroleum based ingredients. And our products are all fragrance free.

We started a program called “Face the Future” because under that umbrella, we wanted to volunteer our time and also 15% of sales of the Studio Cover Stick that I was using to cover their burns and scars back to Vancouver’s burn unit.

The average woman 'eats' 4 to 10 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

You’re in an industry that’s so competitive and you have to tell the retailers why the new kid on the block… How you’re going to outsell them and why you should be given shelf space.

And they want history, they want to know: “So what are you doing in these stores and those stores?” If your company does not succeed, they don’t look good to their bosses. You have to know your product inside and out, and they have to believe in you as a company.”