“I have a catering business called Chris’ Kitchen. We mostly cater to people in Outlook, Saskatchewan and we started off with a farmer’s market business where we do lots of buns, cinnamon buns, pies, cookies and cakes. When I was working in Outlook at a local coffee shop, they had been doing a catering business and decided not to continue doing it, so I thought: “Well, this could add on to my farmer’s market/baking business.” And we did a bunch of research and found out I needed to have a separate kitchen, so we renovated my mother’s house and turned it into a licensed kitchen.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices used by man. It was used in ancient Egypt 5,000 years ago.

Some of the occasions that we’ve catered to are graduations, citizen of the year banquets, weddings, and high school reunions. The largest event was a grad we had and there was over 300 people there.

What makes our catering business unique is that we like to make it a very homey meal, we like to season our beefs and marinade our chicken, and we serve homemade buns with every meal, and we make a homemade punch, and homemade desserts made with real whipped cream.

We had to have a health inspector come check the place out to make sure that all our refrigeration is up to snuff and keeps things below +4 and we had to have a number of sinks, just making sure the place was being kept clean. We were issued a license to operate this and we also had to have a food handler’s course.

The world’s longest sandwich was made in Italy in 2004. It measured 2,081 ft.

Our business has low overhead costs. Our property taxes are only around $400. And when I go to the farmer’s market, we pay a $10 yearly fee plus a $4 stall fee, so the costs are kept low in that area as well.”