“We do laser engraving of most flat surfaces such as stainless steel, woods, acrylics, glass - just about any flat surface, we can laser engrave it. When we started Innovative Laser Works, we started with the monument industry. So we currently do the laser engraving of photographs and scenes for about half of the monument companies in the province.

One of the ways that we’re different is because we can do large laser engraving. There’s not a lot of companies that own a large engraver. We actually bought the largest one available on the market. There also are only two of us in the country that laser engrave completely as a service. That’s all we do, laser engraving.

The longest laser beam measured 385,000 km and was used to determine the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

We had a really hard time deciding whether to go ahead with the laser or not because of the cost of the laser. It meant an initial investment just for the laser of just over $100,000, which is part of why we decided to go home-based instead of going out and getting a shop elsewhere.

Nobody knew about laser engraving, so we had to educate everybody, and we were the only company doing it. So it has it’s advantages, that you are the only company doing it. And it has it’s disadvantages because there’s nobody else advertising. There’s nobody else out there saying: “Laser engraving is in Winnipeg, and this is what it is, and this is what you can expect of it.”

In 1917, Albert Einstein first proposed the process that makes lasers possible called "Stimulated Emission."

We will be expanding from being a home-based business and into a leased space.
I do a lot of business in Winnipeg, so I’m spending a lot of travel time driving back and forth. Plus the fact that we live in a very small town where we don’t have the courier service or a bus service.”