“I’m the owner/operator of KSM Freedom Solutions Inc. It’s a company that I started in 1998 and today we serve over 300 clients throughout Atlantic Canada. The focus of our business has shifted a little bit from home automation to home theatre, computer, and home electronic sales.

Growing up, I was an outdoors kind of a guy, I loved swimming, skidooing, water skiing and hockey was my life. I was injured in 1985 playing hockey, and I have a spinal cord injury. My priorities and my lifestyle went through a pretty drastic change, and all of a sudden I had a lot more time being spent inside, and electronics and assistive technology in particular, became an important part of my life as a person with a disability.

The first motorized wheelchairs were produced in 1916 in London.

The start-up costs with KSM Freedom Solutions Inc. were relatively low. Most of the costs came from setting up accounts with various distributors. Most of them require a minimum level of stock or a minimum order to get the account going, and in some cases that’s several thousand dollars. So I would do a bit of marketing ahead of time for their product. I would send out an e-flyer to our existing customers and then I would generate some orders, and when I had most of that initial order of lets say $5,000 worth of product sold, then I would place my order.

Walt Disney's "Fantasia" (1941), was one of the earliest surround-sound movies seen in theatres.

One of the biggest things we come across, particularly when we’re just selling one of’s such as a TV or a computer, is how do we compete with the big box retailers? And the answer is simple. I buy a product right from the same place that our big box competitors do. The difference is, I buy one of, they buy truckloads, and although they get a smaller per-unit price up front, I don’t need to make the big margin that they do.”