“My business name is Agnès Fréchette Designs. I like to do custom-made clothing, and my flair is for musicians. I like to do very funky and flashy stuff. What I love is personalizing everything with some embroidery, and this way everything will stay unique.

I started sewing when I was five years old, and when I was nine, I had my first sewing job. I was doing undergarments for my uncle’s kids. They were made out of sugar bags and flour bags, and he was giving me 25 cents a pair, which I don’t know how they could wear because the cotton must have been pretty stiff.

One of the things I do is stage clothes for musicians. I like to give them their own identities, something that’s very unique and has a lot of embroidery. My son is a musician, and when he started performing, I started making his stage clothes.

Modern embroidery machines make up to 2,000 stitches a minute and produce very intricate work.

I have my own line of fashion, Agg’s Rags, and they’re very funky little skirts, they’ve got every colour you can imagine and also a bit of embroidery. The kids just love them for beach cover-ups. If you need a little bit of attention, this is a good line of fashion to go into.

We also work with corporate clients who need logos embroidered on T-shirts, caps, that sort of thing. And that’s when the industrial embroidery comes in. We specialize in smaller quantities. And with me not having an overhead because I work in my house, I can have everything cheaper than they would pay in the big cities.

Most of the growth in the decorated apparel market is occurring in local businesses, school and sports uniforms, retail/resale and community events.

What makes my company unique is the fact that I’m the only person that has the industrial embroidery machines in town, and also the custom made part of it. People just love to have something made, something they can’t find in stores, and I can go pretty wild with the fashion, so they really enjoy that.”